Why I Started My Own Home-Based Internet Business

I am going to let it all hang out today and share with you, why I decided to start my own home-based internet business.

Let’s get right into it.

The main reason I started my own online internet business was because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of trading my time and working so hard for someone else to earn a paycheck that was barely able to pay my bills and get me through week, to week.

The sad fact and reality is…

If you don’t work towards your own dreams and goals you will just get paid to help someone else build theirs.

I just knew deep down inside if I continued to do what I have always done, I am only going to get what I have always got.

For years of my life before I made the decision to start my own home-based internet business everyone kept telling me, if I wanted to make more money and be happy, I needed to go back to school and get good grades so I can get a better job and make more money.

Since that’s what everyone told me to do, that’s exactly what I did.

To tell you the truth. I had no future plans or even a clue what I really wanted to do what my life and future.

My life was like a stick floating down a river and I was just going with the flow, wherever the current took me that is where I was going to end up.

To make a long story short, I went to a technical school and learned how to operate heavy equipment in the construction industry.

I loved it and was making good money, until 2007 when the economy collapsed and I lost my job.

Losing that job devastated me in more ways than one.

My life plummeted to the rock bottom faster than I realized.

All I kept asking myself was…

Why did this have to happen to me?

What did I do to deserve this?

I was a hard worker, I showed up early and stayed late.

I worked weekends when I had the chance.

I was one of the best workers in the entire company.

I didn’t know where to go or who to turn to for help.

Depression started to kick in and the only way I knew how to deal with the pain I felt inside was to numb it by getting drunk every night.

My life was a disaster and my bank account was empty.

The only thing I knew how to do, was search the help wanted section of the local news paper and call the jobs listed to hopefully get a job.

About 4 months later, thankfully I landed a job. Not the one I wanted but I had no choice, I needed to start making money some how.

My new job title was a “Lawn Boy.”

I got hired at a local lawn care company for $10 per hour fertilizing lawns.

Not exactly what I wanted to do, but it was a job to make money to pay my bills.

I ended up working three times as hard for a third of the pay, working in fertilizers and chemicals for 8-12 hours a day.

Back on 5-31-2012 I had a snapping point inside and I was just sick and tired of being miserable working at a job I hated just to make money to pay my bills.

So after work that day, I came home from work and started search the internet looking for way to earn extra income online.

I had no knowledge or skills about doing anything online. I barely knew how to log in to Facebook or send an email.

Over the next few days of searching for ways to make money, I watched a lot of videos and visited tons of websites of people who were living the life of their dreams from a laptop computer, working from home, at the beach or where every they wanted to work from as long as they had an internet connection.

I seen thousands of people who were earning more money in a month than I earned all year working at my dead-end job.

They recommend I watch videos like this one from Jim Rohn.


My mind was blown.

I realized that no one was going to do it for me and if I wanted it, I was the one that had to go out and get it.

That is where my online journey began and right then I made a decision and commitment to myself that I was going to do whatever I had to do, for as long as I had to do, so I can quit my job and live a fulfill and abundant life.

The starting point of my home-based internet business.

Back in 2012 I watched another video by Jim and he taught me that Profits are better than wages.

Check it out, just press play.

My home-based internet business journey began working very part-time in my spare-time after working my full-time job.

After working 8-12 hours a day at my job, I came home and worked diligently on my online business.

My goal was to build my online business big enough so I could earn enough money to cover my bills, so I could quit my job and work full-time on my business.

Since I had no experience or had no clue what I was doing, it took me about 5 months to start making money.

Most people would have given up in the first few weeks, if they didn’t start making money.

Not me.

I had a dream and I told myself, I was going to do whatever I had to do for as long as I had to do it to break free from my job.

Some days I wanted to throw my computer out the window and just give up.

Turns out building a online business and making money online is more of a metal challenge that a physical challenge.

My mind kept telling me to stop and give up, I didn’t know how to build an online business and I was never going to make it.

What I did that kept me going was, simply watching motivational videos like this.

This was the fuel that stoked the fire in my belly to keep pushing forward and fighting for my dreams and future.

I needed to keep pushing resistance back to keep moving forward.

Just like if you want to build muscle and get fit. What do you have to do?

You have to go to the gym or work out at home with weights which is called resistance training and that is the only way to build muscle.

The more you workout the bigger your muscles get and the more weight you will be able to lift.

The same concept goes with your mind.

The more and more resistance and self limiting beliefs you keep pushing back, the stronger your mental toughness gets.

You’re going to go through tough times and times you are going to doubt yourself and want to give up.

But if you keep pushing yourself you will build up that mental toughness inside of you to keep pushing and fighting for your dreams.

Let me be the first to tell you that, it isn’t going to be easy and it is going to be challenging at times, but it is worth it.

Just like if you were climbing a mountain.

It is going to be tough and tiring but once you get to the top, the view is amazing.

Michael Pruiksma at the top

You don’t need any special skills or knowledge.

You can start where you are, with what you have and keep improving.

If A ‘Lawn Boy” can make it happen and build a profitable home-based business and quit is job, why can’t you?

You can do it and we are here to help.

In the next post I am going to share with you crucial tips on how to start a home-based business online.

No I am not going to teach you how to bug your friends and family, host home or hotel meeting or have the phone strapped to your head on countless 3 way calls.

I will show you exactly what I am doing to leverage the internet and earn a income virtually hands free 24-7 and how you can too.

Then you can make a decision if you want to start your own home-based internet business or not.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Before you leave, leave me a comment below and let me know why you want to start a home-based business in the comment section below.

I really appreciate it.

You life can change in a matter of seconds…

All you need to do is make a decisions to make the REST of your life the BEST of your life.

You can do it and we are here to help.

Michael Pruiksma
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