The Secret on How To SEO YouTube Videos Revealed

Get more YouTube views, subscribers, likes and comments by implementing my YouTube SEO Secrets into your YouTube videos.

Most people don’t really know how the search engines really work or even have a clue what SEO stands for.

After I share with you my YouTube SEO secrets you will have a major advantage over your competition.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization

YouTube is pretty simple once you really understand how it works.

If you want to learn some thing new, find out how to solve a problem you’re having or just be entertained. Millions of people go to and type in a few words in the search bar of what they want to see, then just click search and thousands of videos pop up to watch that are similar to the words they just searched for.

Now you are going to learn how to optimize your YouTube videos and get your YouTube videos to show up on the search results and get more views, subscribers, comments and likes.

Before you even think about recording or making a YouTube video that is going to get top search results you need to do a little planning and research.

The first and most important part of SEO is finding a good keyword.

Keywords are nothing more than the words or phrases people are typing into the search bar.

How to find YouTube SEO Keywords

In this post I show you How to find a keyword and do keyword research.

The reason you want to do keyword research before you starting making a YouTube video is because you want to make sure people are actively searching for that particular keyword and also what kind of competition you are up against.

This is not a guessing game, you want to make sure people are searching for the keywords you are going to search engine optimizing your YouTube video for.

It is VERY important to do keyword research and after you found a good keyword its time to SEO your YouTube video.

YouTube Video SEO

SEO Is Search Engine Optimization.

Meaning you’re simply going to optimize your YouTube video for a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

You want to know what the title of your video is going to be so you can say the keywords in your video.

What I like to do when I am creating a how to, or training video. I would start off my video by saying.

Hey this is Michael Pruiksma here from and in today’s video we are going to be talk about. (Primary Keyword)

I say my keywords during the video about 3 times. In the beginning, middle and end of my videos.

So it is really important to do your keyword research before you record a video.

This will really help give your YouTube video a SEO boost because every YouTube video has a transcript.

YouTube SEO - Transcript

It is also very important to speak clear.

After you shoot, create your video and ready to upload it to YouTube, there are a few very important things you need to do.

Let’s dig right into them.

Uploading YouTube Video

Before you upload your video you want to rename the file you are going to upload to YouTube so it has your title and keywords in the title of the video.

As your video is uploading your now going to SEO your YouTube video.

Title of your YouTube video

Create a catchy title with your keywords in the title..

YouTube description text

SEO is very important in the description text and you should have your keywords in the first sentences and the description needs to be about 1,500 words.

The very first sentence should have your primary keywords.

If you have a URL you want your viewers to check out, you want to put the link in the beginning of the description. Most people just add the URL in the very beginning of the video description text but I have been getting better results putting the URL after the first sentence.

Write a good detailed description about your video and also include more keywords in the description text.

After you have your description filled out, reread it and edit it and make sure it sounds good.

Now it’s time to get into my…

Secret YouTube SEO Secrets

I have some of my own SEO secrets for YouTube no one knows about yet.

YouTube SEO Secret #1: Add about 5 different variations of your keyword after the description text.

For example… The primary keywords I am targeting this post to be is “How To SEO YouTube Videos” to find similar keywords I go over to my Jaaxy Keyword Tool and find similar keywords such as..

YouTube SEO Secret #2:

Add a link to a similar YouTube video in the description. What I usually do is search on YouTube for my primary keyword and pick out a video that is ranking on the first page of the search results and place the URL to that video at the bottom of my description.

Once you have uploaded your video, crafted a good title with your primary keywords in it, wrote a good description with your keywords scattered throughout the description and have a few similar keyword phrases at the bottom of our video with a link to a similar YouTube video, it’s time to publish it.

After you publish your video, its time to go tell the world about it and get some back links and engagement.

YouTube SEO Secret #3: Getting back links.. As soon as you publish your video, its time to share it.

YouTube even has 13 platforms you can share your YouTube video with a few simple clicks.

If you do not have most of those accounts, Go set them up now! It will take you a few hours but it will be with it in the long run.

This is my secret trick no one hardly knows about.

Going to and you can pay $5 to get back links, social bookmarks and more.

This will really give your video a boost.

Don’t do this to every video though. I save this for the videos I really want to rank to the top and keep it there. I really like this gig on fiver “I will add your site to 800 SEO social bookmarks high quality backlinks, rss, pin”

The last time I pulled out this trick my video got over 20k views in a few months. (until the company changed their policies and I had to take it down for compliance reasons)

By implementing the strategies on this page into your YouTube videos you will defiantly see a big improvement in the next few weeks.

The BEST SEO YouTube Tip Of ALL

Keep your  YouTube channel active by posting new videos every few days and watching and engaging in other peoples videos too.

Building a YouTube channel that get thousands of views, likes, comments and subscribers takes time.

Set a goal and stick with it until you reach it.

If you had to learn and master one skill at a time.

I highly recommend practicing keyword research and finding good quality keywords that don’t have a lot of competition.

If you are first starting out… Start small!

Don’t go after the big keyword phrases at first. It will be better to get your YouTube video dominate the search results for lower search keywords, then end up on the 3rd page where no one will see your video.

As your channel get bigger than you can start going after the bigger keywords that have more competition.

Think about it.. You are not going to compete with a channel that has hundreds of videos when you just have 5. Be smart and learn how to pick the battles you know you can win.

It is not difficult to do YouTube SEO, you just need to learn the right way of doing it, start doing it and it will become easier and easier.

Leave me some feedback.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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