The Uncomplicated Blog SEO Blueprint *How to SEO a blog post* for Search Engine Optimization

The first step to search engine optimizing your blog post is making sure you find a good keyword.

If you have not yet done your keyword research and found a good keyword, go back and do that now.

Finding the right keywords are crucial for SEO your blog post.

If no one is actively searching for they keyword you are going to create content for or if there is a huge competition for the keyword phrase you will be targeting, it will be pointless to do SEO.

Once you have a good keyword that doesn’t have a lot of competition and gets a decent amount of monthly searches, you are in business and ready to proceed.

There is a lot that goes into SEO and it all starts with the right platform.

Just like you are going to build a house, you need to have a good strong foundation.

Over the last few months the search engines had made some important updates and now is favoring blogs and websites that are mobile responsive and have fast load times.

If someone comes to your website and they have to wait 20-30 seconds for it to load. they are just going to click the back button and go somewhere else.

I use and love the Thesis theme for my websites and I power my blog with Namecheap hosting. You can see everything I use to crush it with my blog in my blogging resources.

Now that we have a good keyword that people are actively searching for that doesn’t have a lot of competition and we have the best foundation for our website, its time to dig right into the SEO part.

Are you ready for this?

How to SEO a blog post

SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is simply telling the search engines what your blog posts are about so the search engines can display the content on the search results when people search for the keywords you have your posts optimized for.

It is not rocket science and SEO seems to continue to change, but I am going to give you the basic blogging blueprint and most important aspect of SEO that is not going to change very much over the years.

The most important part is creating content that people want to read or is going to solve their problem.

Just like this post, there was a good chance you just performed a web search, searching for a solution to your problem. You are wondering How to SEO a blog post for Search Engine Optimization.

Unless you we lucky enough to find a link to post from one of my many social media accounts. (Consider yourself lucky)

Let’s get started…


After you have found a good keyword, it’s time to create a blog post, but before you do. You need a title of your blog post.

You must have the keyword you want to optimize the blog post for in the title.

Take some time and think of a good title with your keyword included in your title.

This is very important and is what will see displayed on the search results to get clicks and visits to your blog from the search results.

Once you have a good title for the blog post, you also need to have your keywords in the permalink.

If you are not sure how to get your keywords in the permalink, there is a setting in your blog dashboard.

Go to your blog dashboard. Click settings > permalinks and click on Post Name and hit save.

Blog SEO Permalink

Now every title of your blog post will also be in the URL and that is a very important component of SEO.

Let’s get blogging…

Start blogging

When you start writing your blog post, start off by telling your readers what your blog post is going to be about and try to include your keywords in the first 1-3 sentience.

Everyone has different ideas and techniques about how much you should write or how long your post should be, but I usually shoot for about 1,000 words.

As you also see I space out my content so it is easier on your eyes and easier to read.

If people come to your blog and see a big ole blob of text, most of the time they will not read it.

…But if you space it out and make it easy to read, more people will stick around and read it.

Adding images

When you ad images, you want to make sure they are NOT copyrighted. There are different sites out there where you can purchase images or create your own.

When you add images to your blog post, you also want to add your keywords in the title and description to the images.

Embedding videos

You can also boost your blog post SEO with a popular video that is related to your content.


Headings are very important to a blog post for seo.

Most people will never read the your whole post word for word. Some will but most won’t.

Just like most people read the news paper, they usually scan and skim for a headline they are interested about.

There are a few different headings you can have in your post.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

I personally use the Heading 2 for the main titles and key points of my blog and Heading 3 for the subtitles. You also want to have related words to your main keywords.

Bold and Italicize

This makes the words stand out and also tells the search engines.. HEY this is what this blog post is about.

Also when you bold words that are really import parts of your text it catches the reader’s eye.

Internal linking

The search engines want to display content that has good user experience, meaning your blog should not have a high bounce rate.

A bounce rate is when people visit your site from the search engine and they only view one page and click the back button.

With internal linking you can have them visit other pages on your blog for more information.

Also with internal linking you want to only link content that is similar to the content on the page you are linking from.

It’s pretty easy to link content, simply high light the text and click on the chain link.

linking blog contentOnce you highlight the text and click on the chain link and box will pop up where you can enter the URL or simply choose an existing page to link to.

Inset and edit link to content

If it is a link outside of your blog, make sure you click on and check “open in a new tab” so they won’t leave your blog.

Final wrap up

Before you hit publish on your new blog post, edit it, review it and reread it.

Over the years I have learned a pretty easy way to create good blog posts.

The secret is all in the editing process. My first draft I write as fast as I can and write as much as I can to get all my ideas out.

Then after I finished writing is when the magic begins.

I reread my post, edit it, check the spelling, take out some content and add new.

Then I reread it again and make sure it flows rights and add a few finishing touches and then it’s time to do the last part of my on page SEO.

Blog title tags, meta description and meta keywords.

Depending on what type of blog theme you are using, you might have to install a plugin such Yoast SEO of a similar plug-in.

This is why I love the Thesis theme and highly recommend it. It all the SEO bells and whistles built right in.

So after I finish up my post, I simply scroll down and fill in the custom title tag, meta description and meta keywords.

blog post for seo meta discription

This critical for SEO.

You also want to add a few tags with your keywords in them and add it to a category.

Then when you are satisfied with your blog post, you can not hit publish.

That’s not all…

Offline SEO

After you hit publish it’s time to do offline SEO.

Even though we are doing SEO on our blog post, we also need to spread around links to the post you just published to get back links.

You don’t want to over do it here…

Just a few will go a long way.

I have good luck posting a back link on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + to get some views that will build up authority.

The secret to getting high rankings on the search engines is to keep posing blog posts and keep your blog active.

How to SEO a blog post review

There is a lot to absorb if you are new to SEO.

It is pretty simple and once you do it a few times it just becomes natural.

  1. Find a good keyword
  2. Add your keyword to the title
  3. Keywords in URL
  4. Keyword in the first 1-3 sentences
  5. Heading
  6. Keywords in photo description
  7. Write good content
  8. Bold and italicize keywords
  9. Internal linking
  10. Custom title description, Meta description, Meta keywords
  11. Add a few tags
  12. Post it and share it on social media for back links

Whatever you do make sure your content is readable and don’t over do the SEO aspect.

It is better to do less SEO than go over board.

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or question in the comment section below.

Now you know How to SEO a blog post.

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